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We're Stronger Together...

When I represented the diverse community of Park County in the Montana State House, I learned what a “small town” the state of Montana really is. We’re a collection of individuals in this state who have plenty in common with one another, especially when it comes to our economy, our history, and even sometimes our politics.


From bi-partisan work in the recent Legislative session, l recognize that Montana’s lawmakers can work together to get things accomplished in our state government. I want to continue this good work with solid plans for a better future, like the Montana 2035 Initiative.


Balancing the Budget and Upholding the Constitution


Balancing the state budget and upholding our constitution will be my top priorities if I’m elected Governor in 2020. Working with both sides of the aisle to get work done in Helena and making sure that all peoples in our state are treated fairly and equally is important to me. I believe equality is the foundation of our democratic system.


Using Sound Science and Innovative Research to Face the Future


I’m interested in engaging with both sides of the aisle going forward to make sure Montana is prepared for climate variability in our agricultural sector. We need to tackle the tough issues of persistent drought, deluges, and wildfire across the state and build resiliency into our state systems in order to make Montana’s economy strong and sustainable.


I believe in science. I believe science has helped our state become more robust economically. We need science to move forward in the coming decades. From stream flows to crop yields, science is an integral part of a modern economy and I will not sacrifice or undermine the labor of scientists across the state who are working every day on advances in the medical, agricultural and business fields in Montana. We need to use studies and data from biology, engineering, physics, and other sciences in order to make wise decisions for Montana. 


Celebrating the Bounty of Montana's Natural Resources


Protecting our public access to hunting and fishing lands and waterways is a priority for me. Most Montanans don’t have large swaths of private land on which to hunt, fish and recreate. Protecting access to public lands is an issue that’s important to Montanans and I’ll work to ensure the right to access public lands that belong to us all.


We have a unique and dynamic culture we need to promote and export. More people outside of Montana need to know about the treasures of our state. I've worked to celebrate this culture in the hundreds of newspapers I've published and edited in the state and I'll work to promote the arts in Montana as Governor, finding ways to bring film productions and art production dollars to our state by working to promote Montana across the country and all over the world.

More about Reilly here: Letter from the Candidate

I'm the current Editor and Publisher of Montana Press Monthly, I work to bring the best of Montana's arts, history, and culture reporting to communities across the state every month.


As Editor and Publisher of the Livingston Current in Park County for nearly a decade, I worked to educate young journalists and bring arts and culture reporting and coverage to the Park County community. 

I published "On the Floor: Tales from the Montana State House" in 2014 to share experiences from my service in the Montana State House as a Representative with my constituents. 

Public Service


From serving as Interim Executive Director of the Park County Environmental Council to ensure the organization's survival during a transition to volunteering on the Board of the Yellowstone Gateway Museum to produce their quarterly newsletter and sharing my talent as a chef at the Livingston Food Resource Center, I've worked for many years in the public service sector to give back to my community. As a mother to a young son and stepmother to four children, my husband Brad and I are proud to be raising our kids in Montana and teaching them to make the most of a good public education and give back to the community.

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On the Floor: Tales from the Montana State House



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