• Reilly Neill

How Can I Speak for You?

As I knock on doors and visit with Montanans all over the state, I ask them:

What do the people of Montana want for their state? What is the community's will for the future of our economy, society and environment? What steps can we take now to achieve the best possible future for our children and their children?

I know I want to build a sustainable future but what do my neighbors, my fellow Montanans, want to see in the future of our state government? As I've heard from citizens since launching my campaign in June, most Montanans believe in communitarianism. We all share the same interest to self-govern and have individual independence while also having consideration for the larger needs of the community as a whole.

People want to see a balanced budget, one that funds necessary community and state infrastructure programs and gives our state a solid foundation. I place this as my highest priority if elected to lead the state government. Making sure people on both sides of the aisle are treated fairly in the budgeting process is important to me. I believe equality is the foundation of our democratic system.

Many also ask me about women's rights. They tell me that their right to choose is important, whether the choice is based on strong religious beliefs or individual responsibility. I respect all perspectives on this issue but my focus is on maintaining a woman's right to privacy with her doctor and everyone's right to affordable healthcare.

For over 25 years, I've worked to raise awareness of climate change. Going door-to-door and talking to Montanans directly gives me a unique opportunity to share my knowledge one-on-one and gain new perspectives. Every time I see someone accept clearly the facts and data about global warming and climate change, I feel a great sense of collective hope.

I ask those who I meet to consider a new way forward. Consider a way we can live in a more sustainable world. I ask them to Imagine a Montana where we are prepared for the impacts of climate change across all our economic sectors and at every state agency, where everyone has equal access to health care services and where we make solid plans for our future that collectively benefit our communities.

Join me going forward by contributing your voice and perspective. Reach out to me at or call any time at 370-1492. I want to know how I can speak for you and represent your interests as Governor.

-Reilly Neill

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